A new kind of accelerator

No cost, No equity taken. No time wasting.

LAUNCH! ANNAPOLIS 8 Week Virtual Program, Starting Jan 2021 powered by FOunderTrac

- Gain Access to Capital in 2021
- Receive 1-on-1 'Sherpa' mentoring
- Customized Help (no time wasting)
- Utilize our Online Company Building Platform

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Applications have closed, join our mailing list for future updates

A new kind of acceleratoR

No cost, No equity taken. No time wasting.

DEMO DAY: Tuesday, November 5th, 6 PM

- See 10 Startups Present on Stage
- Questions & Feedback from a Panel of VCs
- Over 200 Founders and Investors in Attendance
- Investor/Founder Fireside Chat


Join us on November 5th! See 10 startups present on stage and network with founders and investors.

Our promise

FounderTrac is founder friendly. That means it’s free - no cost, no equity taken - and we never waste your time.

By investing your time in the application process, we will invest by meeting with you, giving you detailed feedback and advice, and making personal introductions to resources where appropriate, even if you are not chosen for the cohort.

Applications are now closed. Join our email list to stay up to date!

Applications have closed, join our mailing list for future updates


Live Chair takes home $175k on stage at Demo Day

The Barbershop app that is bringing healthcare to the urban community then went on to complete their seed round from investors attending Demo Day.

FREY finds first angel investor at Demo Day for $150k

After FounderTrac, the DTC detergent brand went on to Y Combinator and closed a large seed round.

Everywhere Communications Launches in Annapolis

The telecom company leveraged their Sherpa mentor to help raise a large seed round during the program.


Fall 2018 Winner

Deborah Hemingway

Leon Scientific

Spring 2018 Winner



"FounderTrac was a fantastic learning, growing, and networking experience for FREY, and connected us to an amazing array of experienced people within our community. On top of the education, we walked away with two new close mentors (who joined our advisory board in an official capacity) as well as one of our first investors. Highly recommend FounderTrac!"


Cofounder, FREY

FounderTrac Mentors

As a member of the 2021 FounderTrac Cohort you will have access to the following mentors to help you launch and grow your startup.

Ryan Sears
Serial Entrepreneur Chief Product Officer
Jeffrey C. Mund
Founder @ MCVC Partners
Beau Oliver
CEO, Innovation & Leadership
Carolyn Groobey
FinTech, Payments, Coder
Julie Lenzer
Entrepreneur, Chief Innovation Officer
Julianne Hemingway
Angel Investor, B2B/B2C, Biz Dev
Adam Bixler
Exited Entrepreneur, Cybersecurity, Product
Anthony Millin
Attorney, Entrepreneur, Blockchain
Lisa Friedlander
Exited Entrepreneur, Legal, M&A
Zachary Giegel, CPA
Entrepreneur, Financial Expert
Tricia Dyer
Brand Strategist & Marketing
Sharon Tiger
HR & People Strategy, Connector
Lauren McFerrin
Ecommerce, Merchandising
Kathleen Booth
Inbound Marketing, Scalable Sales
Lori Kavle
Biz Dev, Raising Capital
Phil Robertson
Biz Dev, Raising Capital

Helping startups become venture capital ready

Get feedback from investors and VCs, organize your raise, pitch to 75+ investors at demo day
Get help from successfully exited founders and C-level executives
Get tailored content to take your company to its next important benchmark
Be part of a peer-to-peer community of high caliber founders, mentors, & investors

This program was created by founders for founders.

In keeping with our promise to never waste your time, we’re delivering customized work sessions designed to take your company to its next benchmark.

FounderTrac’s proprietary online company building platform ensures you’re getting the value and resources exactly where you need it.

How it works

8 week virtual program

Accepted applicants will be taken through an 8 week virtual program that includes five small-group work sessions. Our proprietary algorithm will help us identify critical areas of waste and risk in your business and then match you with a sherpa mentor and customized work sessions to have a significant positive impact on your business during the program.

Each session will provide guidance on utilizing FounderTrac’s company building framework where you need it most across the topics of Startup Financing, Go to Market Strategy, Leadership & Legal, and Product Development.

Throughout the program you will also be building towards showing off your company at the virtual Demo Day where you will receive feedback from VCs and entrepreneurs that have raised capital.


You will also be connected with a “Sherpa” mentor that will work with you individually to create a customized plan to help your company reach its goals. Sherpas are experienced and successful entrepreneurs and executives dedicated to having a significant positive impact on your business in the short term.

Virtual DEMO DAY

The program is capped with a Virtual Demo Day public event attended by investors, press, entrepreneurs and other members of the startup community. This will be an amazing opportunity to get exposure and attract the resources that you need to take your company to the next level! A founder/cofounder from your team must attend and pitch at this event in order to graduate from FounderTrac.

Program topics

Customized for each startup


How to make your company fundable

Learn about the current capital raising environment and create a savvy capital raise strategy

Tap into capital networks to raise the money you need to grow

Learn what investors are looking for and how to communicate with them

Get pitch feedback from active investors

Assemble thoughtful financial projections that will help you organize your business

Product Development

Creating a company that listens to the market and learn principles for customer success & business outcomes

How to conduct proper market research to move towards Product/ Market Fit

Identify huge opportunities to disrupt your market

Avoid costly product development mistakes by using formal validation processes

Learn modern principles, mental models and team culture needed to build a world class product

How to assemble an early product team

GO-TO-Market strategy

Build an integrated strategy for growth and aligning your culture & product with problem-based Innovation

Implement a framework for creating scalable and repeatable revenue systems

How to build a Growth Team

Learn how to create a Unique Relatable Philosophy to strategically position your company for high growth

Use the Brand Blocks© systems to identify powerful improvements to your company's market position

Learn how to develop a brand and business personality to attract your target

Leadership & legal

Building a foundation for hyper-growth

Perform a Series-A self evaluation

Develop a culture and people stratgey to attract and retain top talent

Get expert legal advice on entity formation and intellectual property

Create proper legal paperwork for founder agreements, beta users, advisors and investors

Establish compatible business systems for M&A

Applications are now closed. Join our email list to stay up to date!

Applications have closed, join our mailing list for future updates

Program Outcomes

Meet outstanding entrepreneurs, investors & advisors

Utilize FounderTrac's proprietary Founder Focus Assessment TM algorithm to make significant progress during the program

Gain access to proven frameworks for raising capital, getting traction, de-risking product development, and leading your team to success

Pitch at the Virtual Demo Day (250+ in attendance, 75+ Angels/VCs at the last demo day)

Pitch to active angels and VCs and receive feedback during the program

Receive ongoing 1-on-1 mentoring from highly a successful entrepreneur/executive "Sherpa"

Form a professional pitch deck reviewed by active investors

Learn how to pitch your company to investors

Learn proven techniques to build and sell a scalable product

Receive valuable lessons on building a company from successful entrepreneurs/executives

Become a member of a FounderTrac Cohort- Ongoing access after the program through FounderTrac Alumni Platform

investment opportunity

FounderTrac cohort members have an opportunity to meet investors during the program and at the conclusion of the program at the Virtual Demo Day event.

FounderTrac's last Demo Day had 250+ attendees including 75+ Angels and VCs. FounderTrac is supported by the venture firm MCVC Partners. In support of FounderTrac they have committed to attracting great companies to Maryland and to supporting the graduates of FounderTrac. From our broad investor group, the 2018 and 2019 FounderTrac cohorts raised 5M+ from the inception of the program up until Demo Day, and they raised additional money following Demo Day.

Ongoing support

After the 8-week program and demo day, the experience does not end. You will continue to have access to the FounderTrac IQ platform to connect with the ever growing mentor network and other founders from your cohort.

Applications are now closed. Join our email list to stay up to date!

Applications have closed, join our mailing list for future updates

(Who is this for?)

Startups with highly scalable business models

The product uniquely solves a problem for a large addressable market

The founders are accomplished people who thrive in a high performance environment

Less than $500,000 in annualized revenue

Considering taking outside investment

Timeline & details

There is no fee to apply or enter the program. FounderTrac does not take any equity upon admission into the program.


Thur Jan, 7th, 5PM - 7PM EST: Virtual Kickoff Event

Thur Jan, 14th, 5PM - 7PM EST: Session I

Thur Jan, 21st, 5PM - 7PM EST: Session II

Thur Jan, 28th, 5PM - 7PM EST: Session III

Thur Feb, 4th, 5PM - 7PM EST: Session IV

Thur Feb, 11th, 5PM - 7PM EST: Session V

Thur Feb, 18th, 5PM - 7PM EST: Session VI

Thu Feb, 25th, 5PM - 7PM EST: VIRTUAL DEMO DAY!



Founders who achieve venture success while doing fulfilling work.


Where the Region’s most talented founders work in a high-performance environment that inspires and weaponizes them to become “fulfillionaires” (founders who achieve venture success while doing fulfilling work).

Applications are now closed. Join our email list to stay up to date!

Applications have closed, join our mailing list for future updates

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